Business Law

Going Over the Terms of the ContractAre you considering going into business in the Winchester, Frederick County, or the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia? Or are you already in business and having problems with competitors or with co-owners of your business? Charles R. Alton provides counsel to businesses and their owners in different areas. He has prepared the documents to establish corporations and limited liability companies for a wide range of businesses.  Charles Alton serves as registered agent for limited liability companies and corporations that are established in Virginia and in other states that do business in Virginia. He also establishes and serves professional corporations and professional limited liability companies. He is experienced in business law and taxation issues that can arise in forming and in conducting a business. He was formerly employed by the Internal Revenue Service in the areas of S Corporation and Partnership Taxation.

For professional and experienced legal assistance regarding your business, call Charles Alton at 540-722-4401.