Power of Attorney

One type of document designed to help someone who may become incapacitated is a power of attorney. A power of attorney gives authority to someone you pick to act for you or represent you in conducting your private affairs, business, or other legal matters. Some powers of attorney are limited such as a power of attorney authorizing an agent to act for you in a real estate closing while some are designed to address nearly all financial situations. The person giving the power is called the principal while the person designated to act on behalf of the principal is called the agent or attorney-in-fact. Virginia has recently changed it’s laws on Powers of Attorney; Charles Alton prepares documents that reflect these changes.


Planning For Your Own Incapacity

Living WillsCharles R. Alton is committed to helping you protect your family and look out for your own needs. He helps you deal with current problems and plan to avoid or minimize future problems. Without a power of attorney and health care power of attorney the chances of having a guardian appointed to manage your person and a conservator appointed to manage your assets if you become incapacitated are greatly increased.  An incapacitated person does not pick his or her guardian and conservator; a court makes those selections. The legal process for appointing a guardian and conservator is generally very expensive. It also often involves disagreement and contention between family members.

Charles Alton believes that the right legal documents can empower his clients to deal with the limitations created by physical and mental incapacity. His services cost far less than the judicial process to appoint a guardian and conservator. Among the most important documents prepared by Charles Alton are the power of attorney and the medical directive.


Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney, and Advance Medical Directive


A living will states your wishes about how you should be cared for if you are incapacitated. A living will usually addresses resuscitation and desired quality of life and end of life treatments including identifying treatments you do not want to receive. A health care power of attorney is a document that grants authority to an agent to make health care decisions for your benefit if you are unable to make such decisions or unable to communicate such decisions. Because it is difficult to anticipate every health care decision that might have to be made, a health care power of attorney gives your agent broad authority to make health care decisions. A health care power of attorney is generally broader in scope than a living will or an advance medical directive that does not include a health care power of attorney.

However, an advance medical directive often includes both a health care power of attorney and a living will. Charles Alton prepares health care powers of attorney, living wills, and advance medical directives that include both a healthcare power of attorney and a living will. He takes the time to discuss your beliefs and concerns with you before preparing the type of document that you believe will best meet your wishes.

For professional and experienced legal assistance in preparing powers of attorney, living wills, health care powers of attorney, and advance medical directives, call Charles Alton at 540-722-4401.