Trusts, Wills, and Estate Planning

Last Will and TestamentCharles R. Alton prepares wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance medical directives, and healthcare powers of attorney and related documents as the primary part of his estate planning work. If you wish to make the choice of where your property goes when you die, a will or trust can ensure that your wishes are followed. Proper planning saves substantial expense and unhappiness for the Client and for the family of the Client. Lack of the appropriate documents can result in more taxes being paid by an estate with less money going to the surviving family and friends.

Charles Alton prepares a variety of trusts that are designed to address the varying circumstances of families and individuals. Trusts can reduce legal fees, any money spent on taxes including probate taxes, eliminate the probate process with its related delays and expenses, offer greater privacy than a will, reduce the chances of your wishes being overturned by a court, and plan for relatives or other recipients who may be inclined to spend money unwisely or otherwise not be good money managers. Trusts are especially useful if the grantor or settlor (the person establishing the trust) or any other beneficiary becomes incapacitated and unable to manage money and other property.

For estate planning assistance or for preparation of a will or trust, call Charles Alton at 540-722-4401.